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Well, I WAS going to spam Nick, but apparently Tumblr wants to be a bitch.

Tumblr, Y U NO LET ME POST PICS! >:|

It’s Stay For Nick Sunday… where are all the stayers at?!

Srsly… why is it so dead?

To liven things up I shall spam your dashes with the gloriousness that is Nick.



but where do the non-hater non-stayers go? that’s where I need to be

I just love this so much

(Source: obsessedisanunderstatement)

love this.

love this.

3 followers from 50!

Special Nick spam at 50! If you wanna see it, get the word out there! It would be much appreciated <3

me gusta.

me gusta.

oh young Nick &lt;3

oh young Nick <3

totally have this poster&lt;3

totally have this poster<3


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